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Awesome backdrop!

Very happy with this purchase. This is fabric, very nice material. It has no wrinkles. I love my little spring photoshoot with my toddler.

Photographs Nice😍

Arrived before the given date (within approximately 4 days). The color is great, it's very soft and fuzzy, but up close it looks more like a blanket than a glossy background. Still nice to take pictures. The fabric is thick enough to barely let in light, which is a nice touch, and it's a fairly cheap yet easy device to carry around.

Good choice! Beautiful!

Beautifully done! Made the perfect backdrop. It is good sized to fit large groups. Made a wonderful piece for party. Plan on using it again as it is sturdy.

Very Realistic

I bought this to hang in my beach themed windowless classroom. Its perfect! Looks very realistic and great quality.

Photo Booth

Excellent for a Photo Area on my summer birthday party Theme.

Would recommend

Heavy duty, washable, non-wrinkling. This is definitely not the cheap material of other backgrounds I've purchased. Shipping creases pop out easily and there is no flash glare.

Really great

Used for a mermaid birthday party. It’s a stiff kind of fabric much nicer than vinyl. The picture is crisp and clear. It drapes onto the floor for better picture taking

PERFECT for photo backdrop!

We STILL have ours hanging a month after our Luau party!!! It's bright and pretty and perfect for taking selfies or group photos! I ordered a couple more not knowing what kind of photo spot I wanted to create, but the rest are getting returned. This one was the BEST!! It's worth getting the large size too, that way everyone fits in the photo and seems like you're actually on a tropical vacation!

Great Product with Reversible Capabilities!

I really like this backdrop! I took several pictures with it. It's portable, lightweight, and as a bonus, it can be used double-sided! The material is so strong, the (unnatural) wrinkles appear instantly and make for super professional looking photos! If you are looking for a reliable product with the features mentioned above, then you need to buy this product. I promise you won't regret it!

Looks real

I still use it because it can be folded up for storage with very little wear and tear. Taking pictures is beautiful. I've gotten so many compliments using it online.


No wrinkles!!!!! So easy to use, very sturdy, well made. Thick fabric but still light weight. Used as background for social media posts and promotions. Love the color it adds to my pictures.

This is a great backdrop for taking product photos and photos with people and/or pets. The backdrop is made from a high quality fabric, that is heavy, durable, and washable .

Really great Backdrop

Great photo backdrop, this grade does a great job of providing high contrast without being too dark or overpowering, I plan on ordering other colors.

Very nice!

Bought this for my son's class photo! I am really touched. Good quality and affordable price. The fabric is soft and looks just like the picture. I'm going to iron it a bit, but it's almost completely wrinkle free! Will be ordering more in different colors!

This is my first backdrop, which I will use for videos. The color (WHITE) is consistent throughout the cloth. Thickness is more than sufficient to prevent see-though and tearing/ripping. A wash and dry took care of enough wrinkles that I did not need to iron it. It worked as I hoped in my videos.


Seriously buy this. I needed something fast and cheap to do a few quick headshots of my brother-in-law. I was shocked by how good the quality of this is. Popped it in the drying for a few minutes to dewrinkle and it was good to go. Fabric is nice and thick, not sheer. I went with black which photographs a beautiful charcoal grey (I did some saturation sliding for a hint of blue). This is pretty much straight out of camera. Shot with Canon 5D Mark III, Macro 100mm lens, AlienBees 400 strobe light.

Looks great

I am very impressed. This is one of the better backgrounds in the price range I buy. I followed the instructions it came with to remove the shipping wrinkle and it looks great.

Looks Fantastic!

Really vibrant colors! Material was a little thicker than I expected but it doesn’t affect what it does and might hold up better over the long run.


It has a textured side. There is a slight wrinkle, but after being put in the dryer for a while, it flattens out and is very easy to take care of. The material looks thick and durable -- albeit opaque. The purchased background stand is also easy to install. The size I bought is perfect for headshots, but not huge so if you're doing full body shots it might be a problem. You may need to order a larger size if you plan on taking full body shots. I plan on buying a few more of the same brand.

Loving this backdrop

Great color and size. I keep the bottom rolled up when not in use. Great for group photos or just having a large neutral back ground for any session. Good solid fabric and rich color.

Great material.

I like the material and the ability to slide around your own equipment and/or poles through the sleeve provided on the top. The creases are light when you open the package and need a light iron, but I like the product so far.

Great Product!

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened this product. It was big and beautiful. Colors were great, the size was perfect and it was very durable. I highly recommend this product!

Recommend to buy the backdrop and stand together.

They will put holes on the bottom. So it is so easy to put backdrop on the stand. And displays well. Also recommend order earlier, need time to produce for them. Totally satisfied with this.


Good for our party. But if you need it urgently, recommend you contact the customer service, they will rush your order. So helpful.

Lofaris is the best

I ordered it before, but the company give up the order and did not tell me why. Lofaris helps me to reach the beautiful backdrop. Will recommend to my friends~