Photographers Cooperation

Since 2018, Lofaris has worked with hundreds of photographer together and come up with lots of popular backdrop styles. Customers like them so much, so in the fulture, we'd like to look for more talented photographers to work together. Yes, we need you!

You must be a photographer: you have a photographer’s website or blog or a local photo studio (you need to provide a photo of the photo studio or business card for us to view).
Social: Facebook, Instagram or YouTube account.
You need to tag us and put a link to our website on your Facebook and Instagram to showcase our products.
If you get permission from the model, please provide us with photos for background use via this email: We have the right to use your photos for publicity.
If you can record a review video for us or share us in your photographer’s Facebook group, I believe you can get a bigger discount, please let me know.
If you cannot meet all the above conditions, but you think you have an advantage in a certain aspect, please contact us.
If you are interested in cooperation, please send an email to

The Benefits We Can Bring:
All products on our website can provide you with lifetime discounts.
Similarly, when we use your photos for promotion, our Facebook page, photographer group and Instagram will share your homepage and website link.
Once a new product is needed for testing, we will give priority to partners for testing.
Our website has thousands of traffic every day, and when your photos are used on our website, it can increase the visibility of your identity as a photographer.

Other Cooperation
We are looking for any talented designer and we want to establish cooperation. So if you are interested in our background design cooperation, please check Here.