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Seriously buy this. I needed something fast and cheap to do a few quick headshots of my brother-in-law. I was shocked by how good the quality of this is. Popped it in the drying for a few minutes to dewrinkle and it was good to go. Fabric is nice and thick, not sheer. I went with black which photographs a beautiful charcoal grey (I did some saturation sliding for a hint of blue). This is pretty much straight out of camera. Shot with Canon 5D Mark III, Macro 100mm lens, AlienBees 400 strobe light.

Kailyn Ferris
Loving this backdrop

Great color and size. I keep the bottom rolled up when not in use. Great for group photos or just having a large neutral back ground for any session. Good solid fabric and rich color.

Ashlee Smith
Will buy again!

Someone tested how this image looks on camera, and it looks great , It's my favorite textured backdrop.
In fact, this is true. The photos taken with the mobile phone are also very good-looking. I bought the matching bracket, which is easy to install and disassemble.
The fabric feels nice to the touch, unlike what I've bought elsewhere, it's not very thin paper, and I think it can be used many times without any problem.

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