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Leslie Sosa

I create videos & wanted a nice dark background. This brick drop cloth seems to have done the trick. Hangs easily with a staple gun & if you use a mirrorless or DSLR camera the soft focus of the background will make for a convincing effect.

Victoria Conde

Bought this for my hubby's birthday. I wasn't disappointed. Got so many compliments for the decorations. All bought from Aperturee. Absolutely Perfect. Great buy!

Trina Roberts

I was looking for brick paper for this project, but this was roughly the same price and so much more durable and realistic! I needed tall rather than wide, but I just cut it in half and sewed it together where the mortar is and you don't notice it at all. I did a zigzag stitch (like for a buttonhole) to cut openings for the fire and to attach command strips directly to the door to support the wreath and mantle. I added some elastic at the corners to secure it to the door and it is ready to be reused year after year! I love how it turned out and I have gotten so many complements on it.

Samantha Harris

Used as a backdrop for holiday picture at my kids' school. The quality was good, thick enough to be taped on a frame and moved from one room to another. We were able to save it to use again next year.

Charity Propps

I love this backdrop!! We used it to take some photos for NYE and then some family photos. When people saw them they asked where did we go because we didn't have a brick wall in our house. I would recommend this back drop to anyone as it is such great quality and a great value.

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