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Meaghan Pierce

I have this hanging on the wall as a back drop for my youtube channel. It's pretty nice. Personally, I will steam it everytime I put it up to make sure there is no any crease. Over all its a great purchase and worth the price!

Jessica Melendez

The light blue backdrop I recently bought has left me pleasantly surprised. Its vibrant and lively hue instantly uplifts the atmosphere and adds a touch of playfulness to any setting.

Hallema Harlow

I’m so glad I got this light blue background! This worked out just perfectly fine! I used 2 plastic hangers with 2 clips on each of hanger to hold it up on the curtain rod. So two hangers total and 4 hanger clips was needed to keep this backdrop up!
The photos came out decent. It was just fine for us although I didn’t have any professional equipment besides my ring light and iPhone XR.

Kimberly Cadrin

I ordered this backdrop for headshots. The fabric is such a high quality compared to the regular run of the mill backdrops available on Amazon. This is the quality used by many professional photographers. I would highly recommend backdrops from this company and I will be ordering a Aperturee backdrop for Christmas pictures.

Om Lasi

I wouldn't say wrinkle free as it was creased in shipping but a good steam still has given us perfect results, I will say that we're pleasantly surprised at its weight and quality of the fabric and construction. It's cheap like the price indicates!

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