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Adelina Balbuena

This was PERFECT for my sons party. Made a great backdrop for photos. This was for a baseball party but any photographer could use those. It is not shiny which is what I was worried about as far as light reflecting off of it in pictures. Great buy.

Emily Burke

I use this backdrop pretty much every week to film an internet show that I do weekly. It hangs easy, never has a wrinkly, looks perfect, and is so easy to work with. I hang it on walls, or on a backdrop hanger device.

Rachel Price

Loved it!!!! This product is exactly as pictured it’s easy to clean material. Whether placing it down for a sit or lay on Display or photo , to setting it up as a background drop. You can easily pierce thru with a pin without doing risky damage it’s a thin-thick material. Thi this item has some weight on it you can hang with thick tape onto the wall if you don’t have a stand for it,but a stand is recommended for a better experience.

Christa Buttorff

I am not a professional, but I love taking photos. I wanted something that was universal and I could adapt to the occasion easily with props. This is exactly what I was looking for. Can't wait to use it again for Christmas pictures of my girls.

Nikita Aitkenhead

Used it as a floor drop for baby in a basket photo, considering I had a budget and am not a pro photographer i was very pleased with it, however I should have taken the time to steam the creases out of it, but that was a me problem, after all they do have to fold it to get it to you.

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