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Christmas Tree Backdrop Decor Ideas To Match Your Wall Colour

by Jeremy Wang 17 Nov 2022 0 Comments

Whether you put your tree up early this year or are holding fire until this weekend or next, there’s always room to add a few decorations more to the mix. This year, we Aperturee are channeling all of that energy into your tree’s festive backdrops. Be playful, have some fun, we’ve all certainly earned it, and go maximalist with your wall backdrop. Anything goes this year so we might as well be a little flamboyant when choosing backdrops in Aperturee.

To cater to trend-led trees across the nation, we Aperturee come up with our Christmas tree backdrops and decoration ideas to perfectly pair with the paint colour on your walls. Bright and gleaming baubles that really pop against a dark backdrop. Blue dark, handsome and a pared-back foil that’ll light dazzling decorations really pop. We have many glitter backdrops combine heritage Christmas decorations like cheery red baubles – both the matte and the glossy sort – with wooden decorations on and around the tree to draw out a woodland, alpine lodge character that a red colour scheme suits to a tee.

Here are some awesome backdrops for you:

1. Bright Room Star Tree Stock Christmas Backdrop

2. Bright White Christmas Gift Tree Holiday Backdrop

3. Shiny Christmas Tree With Wreath Holiday Backdrop

4. Vintage Fireplace Stocking Tree Christmas Backdrop

5. Deers Christmas Tree Snowy Cabin Xmas Backdrop

 Christmas Tree Backdrop Decor Ideas To Match Your Wall Colour

Be sure to pick out at least a few of baubles in a shimmery pearl finish to ensure your Christmas backdrop stays on the elegant side of pretty. The occasional white decoration too will stop pink from feeling too sugary.

Match your Christmas party decorations with a little help from Aperturee. Our designers provide a variaty of personalized service.

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