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Color And Flower Theme In Decorating Valentine's Day Party

by Jeremy Wang 05 Jan 2023 0 Comments

Whatever, whoever and however you love, these Valentine's Day party ideas will help you to express how you feel! Whether you're throwing a Valentine's Day disco for kids or a fun singles' night for adults, the first thing you need to do is set up your venue. Get a sneak peek at Aperturee Valentine's Day Collection.

When you choose a Valentine's Day backdrop, you can pay attention to these issues. Reign yourself in to avoid going over the top – a few carefully placed decorations will look much more stylish than an explosion of red and pink. One popular trend in the party industry is to scatter balloons in the corner of the room, or scatter them across chairs and tables. This will look ultra stylish, casual and, most importantly, very classy. Red and pink is the obvious choice of colour scheme for a Valentine's Day party but if you overdo it, it can get a little overwhelming. That’s why we'd recommend mixing and matching bold red garlands and bright pink pom poms with blocks of white to break up the colours and balance them out, helping the party to look stylish and classy rather than garish.

Here are some Valentine's Day backdrops recommended:

1. Heart And Love Balloon Happy Valentine Backdrop

2. White Heart Balloon Woonde Happy Valentine Backdrop

3. Hot Pink And Red Heart Teddy Valentine Backdrop

4. Red Rose With Glitter Heart Valentine Backdrop

5. Brick Lamp Love Rose Happy Valentine Day Backdrop

Color And Flower Theme In Decorating Valentine's Day Party

Perfect for a Valentine's Day party for adults who like the day but don't want to relive their childhood attempts at the holiday! Add rose petals and a couple of hints of gold. What could be more romantic than scattered rose petals? Combine red rose petals with the occasional gold rose petal and scatter them across your tables or along your mantelpiece – a simple Valentine's Day party idea that’s guaranteed to look elegant and classy!

We hope we've given you enough inspiration for a lovely Valentine's Day themed party on 14th February!

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