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Colorful Stripe Theme Backdrops for Birthday Party

by Jeremy Wang 22 Aug 2022 0 Comments

A good theme to tie the celebration together is the best way to ensure that the celebrations are a success. When you’ve decided on a theme, this will inform you on what decorations you need to buy, what your entertainment will be centred around and what food and drinks will work best. Here we Aperturee recommend you stripe theme party backdrops.

Stripes are one of the most ancient patterns imagined by humans. As in striped jersey wore by sailors being a symbol of their subordination to the captain, beachwear inspired by sailing apparel. If you want to choose a birthday backdrop, our different coloured stripe theme backdrops would give you some distinct choices. Here we have stripe theme backdrops with creamy colored stripes of rainbow, black and white zebra stripes, cute pink lines in white and other colored stripes look like brushing lines.

Here are some stripe theme party backdrops:

1. Colorful Stripes Round Happy Birthday Party Backdrop

2. White And Black Stripes Glitter Round Birthday Backdrop

3. Pink White Stripe Round Happy Birthday Backdrop

4. Pink Stripes Round Birthday Backdrop For Girl

5. Blue Stripes Round Boys Birthday Party Backdrop

 Colorful Stripe Theme Backdrops for Birthday Party

Aperturee also add some glitter elements or dropping white dots like snowflake to balance simple scenes in backdrops. Other than that, if you want any pattern and personalized words on the backdrop, contact us here!

What are you waiting for, let aperturee create a unique and unforgettable birthday for you.

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