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Entertaining Pumpkin Theme Backdrops to Choose on Halloween

by Jeremy Wang 08 Sep 2022 0 Comments

What would Halloween be without carved pumpkins! The American tradition is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Halloween is known to be an American custom. However, it was actually Irish emigrants who brought Halloween and the tradition of carved pumpkins to America. Find out in Aperturee why we use pumpkins on Halloween as decoration in Halloween party and how you can easily choose your own Halloween pumpkin backdrop this season!

We Aperturee have some Halloween backdrops with pumpkin element above. Pumpkin lanterns with scary smile and lighting inside, look like leading people back to that old Irish legend, an old sin man wandered through eternal darkness with his lantern to lease his guilt this life. Our Halloween backdrops have other designs for you to select, old castle, tall trees in wild forest, sign of “trick or treat” and any other personalization you could add.

Here are Halloween pumpkin backdrops recommendation for you:

1. Scary Pumpkin Round Happy Halloween Backdrop

2. Horror Night Pumpkin Round Halloween Backdrop

3. Circle Pumpkin Light Round Halloween Backdrop

4. Dark Forest Horrify Round Halloween Backdrop

5. Moon Pumpkin Happy Halloween Circle Backdrop

 Entertaining Pumpkin Theme Backdrops to Choose on Halloween

Having a theme was a key component to bringing everything together. It gave direction to your decor, menu, and playlist. Get a pumpkin backdrop and DIY pumpkin lantern. This makes it the perfect activity for older kids or teens. It’s a great way to get them thinking creatively, and keep them entertained. 

After choosing your pumpkin backdrop and finishing lantern, it’s time to head to your house and garden! Turn your pumpkin backdrop set up and decorate with delicious candies or cakes. If you're still looking for inspiration, you'll find great seasonal decorations in our site. Take a look right now!

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