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Glitter Birthday Backdrops with Corresponding Number in Center

by Jeremy Wang 31 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Birthday party backdrops are great for livening up an event, but also provide a unique backdrop for photos, cake tables, opening gifts, and more. Being familiar with how to buy and create what you need for a one-of-a-kind birthday party backdrop helps you bring your event to a new level, whether you're planning a 21st birthday, 1st birthday party, or something else entirely. Aperturee backdrops have many glitter birthday backdrops with numbers, to help you match the birthday guy’s age.

Aperturee birthday backdrops with numbers have a big number in the center, and add some glitter elements like gold balloons, silver spots, streamers and gold foil. In the first birthday backdrop, we use the word “wonderful” separate into “one” “derful” to increase childlike interest. In the second birthday, blue and pink donuts arrange around the word “sweet two” to imply that the child grows up with the growth of perception, then child can feel more lovely things in the world. In the 30th birthday, pink cake an pink balloons for mature women to celebrate. In any number of birthday, we combine different elements to send birthday wishes.

Here are some recommends:

1. Circle Black Gold Balloon 20Th Birthday Backdrop

2. Rose Gold Happy 30Th Birthday Circle Backdrop

3. Gold Glitter Round Black 1st Happy Birthday Backdrop

4. Blue And Pink Donut Round 2nd Birthday Backdrop

5. Gold Glitter Blue 60th Happy Birthday Backdrop

Glitter Birthday Backdrops with Corresponding Number in Center

Custom printed birthday backdrops are one of the more significant options that we will be sharing, it's usually around $10 for the design, thus designing your unique backdrop.

For customized orders, it needs some extra time for proof confirm. Aperturee offers Free Standard Shipping on orders over $50 and Free Express Shipping on orders over $100. Decor world is waiting for you. Come and shop it now!

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