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Must Have: 5 Beautiful Easter Party Decor Ideas

by Jeremy Wang 08 Mar 2023 0 Comments
A lovely photoshoot that captures your family and friends enjoying themselves and observing the holiday together is a perfect way to celebrate Easter. You'll look back on the photos for years to come, taking pleasure in the memories you all created together. Choosing the perfect backdrop can take the photoshoot from good to great. And our Aperturee list of 5 Easter backdrop ideas will help you figure out what exactly you'd like your Easter photoshoot to look like.

Eggs Spring Happy Easter Holiday Backdrop
It's hard to think of anything more adorable, so this is one of our top Easter backdrop ideas for sure. Plus, it makes it easier for you. Unless you want to get a few more posed photos together, you won't have to convince the kids to sit still, because some of the best shots of the day are sure to be of them with Easter eggs!
Aperturee Bunny With Eggs Spring Happy Easter Holiday Backdrop

Spring Floral Easter Backdrop
Numerous flowering trees bloom during the Easter season. These include but are not limited to dogwood, with its white blossoms, as well as Japanese magnolias and cherry trees, with their glorious pink flowers, which will lend an almost otherworldly beauty to your Easter photoshoot.
Aperturee Spring Floral Backyard Butterfly Easter Backdrop

Easter Bunny Backdrop
The Easter Bunny is a folkloric figure and symbol of Easter, depicted as a rabbit—sometimes dressed with clothes—bringing Easter eggs. No photo booth is complete without bunny, eggs, or whatever your favorite accessory may be.
Aperturee Easter Bunny Stop Here Lighting Eggs Backdrop

Cartoon Easter Holiday Backdrop
Spring is coming to Easter and our Cartoon Easter backgrounds are a great solution for kids. Every Easter, the Easter Bunny and his wife, Mrs. Bunny, visit the Walt Disney World Resort for some rest and relaxation in the days leading up to the annual holiday basket delivery.

Wonderland Holiday Backdrop
This beautiful holiday photography backdrop makes the perfect background for your photo studio or home studio Easter photo session!
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