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Rustic Wooden Christmas Backdrops For Your Wall Decor

by Jeremy Wang 01 Nov 2022 0 Comments

Decorating for Christmas evokes feelings of nostalgia and vivid childhood memories. And before you know it, the most wonderful time of the year will be upon us. You've probably already thought about how you’ll decorate your tree or adorn the mantle above the fireplace, but how about Christmas wall decorations? There are many aesthetics you can achieve depending on your preferences since you come Aperturee.

If you are a fan of plaid and wood decor, a rustic Christmas backdrop is a theme for you. Materials needed 100% Wrinkle-Free fabric to make our backdrops. The printed patterns are rich in layers, the pattern is realistic and good reproducibility, strength and durability. Sublimation printing technique allows for bold and vivid colors that won't fade.

Here are some best looking rustic wooden Christmas backdrops:

1. Xmas Tree Red Baubles Wood Door Snowy Backdrop

2. White Merry Christmas Wood Snowy Winter Backdrop

3. Jingle Bells Wooden Snowy Gift Christmas Backdrop

4. Wooden Wreath With Trees Christmas Night Backdrop

5. Wooden Glitter Merry Little Christmas Backdrop

 Rustic Wooden Christmas Backdrops For Your Wall Decor

To match the backdrops, you could get some green, woodsy snips and combine them with tapers to tie off the look. You can place these in the middle of your table in front of backdrop. Finally, if you have any art in front of it, setting these out around your table and wall will complete the look.

Our Aperturee backdrop is super soft and it can be washable and reusable. Both washer and dryer safe. Tumble dry on low settings or hang dry. That would be why you come Aperturee for choosing, with the backdrops using until next season and worth the price.

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