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Truly Unique Fabrics And Light Work In Outdoor Portraits Backdrop

by Jeremy Wang 10 Jan 2023 0 Comments

My favorite place to get fabric backdrops is Aperturee online store, which often has bacldrops in vintage patterns and truly unique fabrics that I wouldn't be able to find anywhere else. Come to Aperturee and learn what type of fabric backdrop works best and how to manipulate light with these tips for incorporating fabric in your outdoor portraits.

You're going to need something to hang portrait backdrops with. You can find stands for fairly cheap online. However, depending on the type of area you're in, you might not need one. Here are some examples of how I used nature to hang fabric backdrops in different environments. Consider bringing a stand or, alternatively, two ladders that you can move around to hang the backdrop on. You'll also want to include some twine, tack, rope, clothes pins, etc., to help you hang and manipulate the fabric. 

Here are some portrait backdrops recommended:

1. Gray Old Painting Abstract Texture Foggy Portrait Backdrop

2. Rose Garden Flowers Pink Flowers Blossom Spring Backdrop For Portrait

3. Fairground Carnival Lights Bokeh Blur Neon Portrait Summer Backdrop

4. Halloween Pumpkin Brown Leaves Fall Portrait Backdrop

5. Woodland Forest Grass Sunlight Sparkle Bokeh Spring Backdrop

 Truly Unique Fabrics And Light Work In Outdoor Portraits Backdrop

Now that I've sold you on using microcloth fabric backdrops in your outdoor portrait photography, let's review a few key types of fabric backdrops commonly used in this type of photography. From simple color to thick canvas, the sky's the limit.

Colored backdrops can create a monochromatic mood or provide a burst of contrast to your products & packaging. Natural backgrounds set a scene and can help elevate the image to something more aspirational. It's kinda like lifestyle photography. They set the stage and help your audience envision what their lives would be like once they purchase your product.

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